When we talk about our barn and share our plans with people, a lot of people ask us if we’re going to apply to Grand Designs, or another property renovation program . I think it’s a great idea but Danny, as always, is sceptical.

Firstly, he’s not keen on a production company swooping in and sneaking around his knicker drawer. Blogging gives you control and allows you to share what you want to share, and keep the rest hidden away. Never one to air his laundry in public, he also isn’t keen on the inevitable financial grilling he would get and answers he would have to give about costings once the project was finished. The marketed appeal of being on the show is the opportunity to share your home with the masses, and we’re just generally not that showy (or so we tell ourselves!)

On the other hand, ever the optomist, I think it would add to the adventure to have Kevin McCloud, Charlie Luxton or even George Clarke coming to cast his critical eye on the project and be exciting to get on’t telly. I guess for the same reasons that we’re doing this blog: if absolute amateurs like ourselves can have a go then perhaps we can inspire others to too. It would be fun to look back when the girls are all grown up, at how their home came together and decisions we made for their rooms, and laugh about how ridiculous mummy’s hair is and wonder who let dad on tv wearing that.

How much do you get paid for being on Grand Designs?

Research suggests that there is no financial incentive as such, but that some compensation is made for the expectation that workmen will have to down tools and make themselves scarce whilst Kevin scopes the place out. And that’s another drawback; I can’t help but feel we would be somehow at the mercy of the production team and their own schedules and agendas. It seems that even Kevin McCloud is unsure of the appeal of appearing on the show!

“Finding subjects can be difficult… as production team is “underwhelmed” by people volunteering to appear on the show”… “I’m not quite sure why people want to do it – maybe because they get a very professionally made home-movie of their build…”


And yet, in spite of all of the above, I just can’t bring myself to rule it out! We are definitely going to be doing this only once, and therefore feel like we might as well just go for it! And they are taking applicants for series twenty now…

Would be really interested to hear your thoughts, ideas and opinions. Thanks! N x